Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Sit on the side and watch the world go by."

Although I can be moody, I'm actually an optimist. If something doesn't go my way, I think it's meant to be or a sign from above.  I feel so Zen today. I spent some time at Baja Norte. Have you gone yet? If you're a beach lover, you'll love it. It's absolutely gorgeous. Whenever I blog, I like to explore new places. It's honestly the only time I leave my teeny parcel.

Finding the Perfect Picnic Spot

I wanted something beachy to go along with PurpleMoon Creations' newest dress Leia. It's the type of dress that you can dress up or down, which I can appreciate because I tend to veer more towards the casual side of life.

Waiting for a Sign

PurpleMoon Creations' Leia comes in 10 different colors with a contrasting ribbon trim.  It's super pretty!  Click PurpleMoon for a lift.


:: PurpleMoon Creations :: Leia Dress
:NuDoLu: Bracelet retro des chaines - Bois @ The June Arcade
Hair: Exile::Pick Up Lines
Opal*Twist Lake Bracelet
Pure Poison - Frills Sandals - Black for Slink Feet @ The June Arcade
Truth Hair Fleur Flowers [Pink]
Skin: -Glam Affair - Candy - America - 10 (Former Arcade Item)
B.C.C Roly Poly picnic Basket Vegetables @ The June Arcade
Pose: ::WetCat:: "TTB" 28
Post title pinched from Everclear's "Song from an American Movie Pt. 2"

Saturday, May 31, 2014

What Spanx can't do

Boom. That's the first word that popped into my head when I slipped on Prism's Marylin. The tight mesh sweater and pencil skirt really creates a curvy but utterly toned shape.

Prism Design's Marilyn Sweater and Skirt  adds curves.

Why can't I find clothing like this in real life? Spanx can only do so much. Marylin comes in other patterns and colors, so if you need a shapely lift, click Prism Designs for a teleport to the store.


Friday, May 30, 2014

I have always been a SL virgin

I haven't been able to spend too much time in SL lately (you too huh?), but I remember talking to my friend Tiff and she told me there were mesh bodies. I said no way. Two weeks later, I got a mesh body. I'm such a follower! Actually, I was really curious. Like all shopaholics, I need a reason to buy stuff. Styles by Danielle's newest release Cornelia comes with appliers for the WowMeh mesh body. Naturally,  I wanted to try it.

Danielle Cornelia

Cornelia's slit skirt really shows off some leg, so my left leg was sleek and my butt was nicely rounded. If you love your Lola Tangos, Dani offers an applier for those as well. Cornelia also comes in tons of pretty colors, specifically sets of exotic and pastel colors, but its appeal is its versatility. Some of us have embraced mesh, while others are eh, so you can wear Cornelia traditionally or WowMehitionally.


When shopping, make sure to wear your tag if you are a Danielle inworld group member because you'll receive a 30% discount. Click Styles by Danielle for an inworld lift or if you feel like shopping out of world, click here for Styles by Danielle on MP.

Just for fun:

Tiffani Celestalis: Well if I do [get sl married], divorce and buy a new mesh body, do I regain my virginity?
Laylah Lecker: Yup
Laylah Lecker: You start all over!
Tiffani Celestalis: So you're a virgin again.
Tiffani Celestalis: probably not
Tiffani Celestalis: ok nvm
Laylah Lecker: I have always been a SL virgin. I never had a vagina
Laylah Lecker: tmi?

Dress: Cornelia by Styles by Danielle in Aquamarine
Body: WowMeh
Skin: Glam Affair Candy in America (WowMeh appliers available)
Hair: Exile Believe Again
Shoes: Ben's Boutique Eliza Platform
Pose 1: MS Promises Set 1.10
Pose 2: MS Rip it up Set 1.7

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

"Just bury your head in the sand and wait for your f***in' prom."

Have you ever been accused of ignoring reality? I used to....I know what you're thinking. I'm posting about SL, so I have to be somewhat involved with my fantasy life, right? Absolutely! However, I've become cynical lately. Not about SL, but real life work is rough and while I thought grad school was tough, I seriously miss it. I was only responsible for me. Now, at work, I'm responsible for others. I've never managed before, so I wish I could slap on a mesh head, yes in real life, that epitomized boss lady.

bury your head in the sand

Speaking of which, have you met Veronica? Egoisme's newest skin Veronica comes with a mesh head and hands. I'm very familiar with hands, but this is my first go with the head.

go to your f'n prom

It comes with two separate huds, for the head and hands, so you can switch up the makeup, nail color and their length. Also,  there's an open mouthed version as well, the option for ears or no ears (for those troublesome hairs), and hairbase options. I'm going to mess around with my shape tomorrow and tweak it for the skin, but I'm liking the perfection of the head. It's so smooth. It's a far departure from my regular Laylah look, but maybe I can ignore reality in my virtual reality, and "bury my head in the sand and wait for my f'n prom." ;)

If you want to give Egoisme's Evian Veronica a try, click here for a lift.

Egoisme Evian - Veronica Shape Mesh Head and hands
Egoisme Evian - Veronica Skin - Pale
Dress: Dead Dollz Happy Rorschach
Hair: *ARGRACE* AYA - Chocolate
Madpea- Dorky Daisy hand held prop @ Madpea Gacha Art Festival
Pose one: dfo! (ng) I like being weird
Pose two: Glitterati (Closer)
Maxi Gossamer Ring - Lost Eden - Eve's Eye - Gold + Opal and Bangle - Lost Eden - Rebecca - Gold + Opal- R
Post title pinched from The Breakfast Club
Location: Time Out


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day weekend! Well, the weekend is just about up, so happy Memorial Day! If you have tomorrow off, I envy you! However, you probably deserve it more than I do. ;)

Designer Showcase May 2014

By way, Designer Showcase's round ends early this month, so tomorrow is your last chance to find any deals. Artizana's Aibrean in Coastful is such a cheerful outfit. The ruffle crop top is my favorite. I can only wear such tops in SL because my RL involves covering my belly. I can only suck in so long.

I accessorized with Lindy's Chelsea wedges and Elemental's Carinna's Necklace and Earrings, which are also available at Designer Showcase. All deals 100L or less! Click here for a lift.


Artizana @ Designer Showcase
Lindy @ Designer Showcase
Elemental @ Designer Showcase
Hair:  ! SugarsmacK !: Elan/Latte Cake
Pose: Everglow Girl 672
Skin: Glam Affair Candy (Former Arcade item)



Friday, May 9, 2014

Go Ask Alice

You're probably wondering what I mean when I write go ask Alice.  It's actually the title of one of my favorite books, but also my dear mother's name, or as I like to call her, much to my boyfriend's chagrin, mama. Regardless of how old I get, I still need my mama's advice. Mother's Day is this Sunday. How are you going to treat your mother or woman who's been there for you like a mother?

Go Ask Alice

Danielle's Alice corset is not named for my mama, but clearly, it reminded me of her. She was quite the hottie in her day!

Mother's Day

The Alice Mesh Corset also comes in Beige, Chocolate, and Olive. Are you a Danielle inworld group member? Danielle offers a special Alice in Bordeaux, and it's specifically for her group members. By the way, group members receive a 30% discount when purchasing the Alice corset. Click here for a lift to Styles by Danielle or if you feel like shopping out of world, click here for Styles by Danielle on MP.

If you are a mother, have a Happy Mother's Day!


Styles by Danielle Alice Black corset - (M)
coldLogic trousers - Higgins Ebony
AD - bayou - light browns
Bokeh - Satet Bracelets 'Silver'
GizzA - Electra Set [Black] Bracelet (Former Arcade Item)
MG - Bracelet - Monaco Nights - 2 - L
Moondance Passionate Heart Ring
Slink Priscilla Plateau Heels Grey Glitter
-Glam Affair - Candy - America - 09 D (Former Arcade Item)
Pose 1: Ma Vie Flawless 09
Pose 2: Everglow Girl 680

Monday, April 28, 2014

It's not me, it's you.

Have you ever dodged someone you don't want to talk to? It's relatively easy to mute someone in SL, but sometimes there is more than a WiFi (fleeting) connection and one develops a friendship type of relationship, so real life numbers and emails are know the drill. I haven't spent much time inworld, and sometimes I do have the time, but I don't have the desire to chat. My real friends know this and leave me alone with my nerdy blogging ways, but some, in particular, try and make me feel bad.


Don't. Please? Lol. Okay, drama over! However, I really do mean it. That time has passed.


Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring's just around the corner (at least in my neck of the woods)

It finally rained in Las Vegas, and my boyfriend found out his windshield wipers didn't work. What a way to find out huh? Daylight savings time week...I think, and I'm ready for it. I know we lose an hour, but we have extra sunlight. I only like the rain in SL, or when I'm tucked away in bed watching a marathon session of Breaking Bad, Weeds, or House of Cards (not much of a marathon for this show).

Incidentally, Prism Design's Felicity Early Spring Coat in First Flowers screams springtime and soon to come April showers.

Spring Showers

It also comes with the boots, so feel free to splish and splash in any puddle that comes your way. Now stomping in puddles is something I do like because it's such a rarity for me. Been there done that? Awww...okay. In that case, hope you all are enjoying the weather wherever you may be! ;)


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Think Pink

PurpleMoon Creations wrote: "Bullying can take place anywhere, and it's important to speak up about it. Stand against bullying without saying a word by slipping into a pink T-shirt."

Bullying Stops Here

Pink Shirt Day started on February 26. Have you raised your voice? I don't know about you, but I was semi bullied by my next door neighbor when I was 7-12 years old. Luckily, she didn't torment me as maliciously as some kids do nowadays, but she was definitely intimidating because she would walk behind me, with her friend, and make all kinds of remarks.

Picture this. In real life, I'm super short, and I've worn glasses since I was five year old. I was like a walking cliche of the perfect kid to pick on. Luckily, and it's a strange lucky, my family didn't have a home computer until I was in high school. Because now social media allows teens to target and bully from afar, and with that convenience comes double the impact to cause harm.

If you want to show your support against bullying, stop by PurpleMoon and make a donation in exchange for a shirt.

Net proceeds from Pink Shirt Day activities and t-shirt sales benefit the CKNW Orphans’ Fund in support of Boys & Girls Clubs Anti-Bullying programs. All transactions will be published at

A minimum donation of 10L is required,  but higher amounts are definitely appreciated.

Want to help in other ways? PurpleMoon Creations suggest:

  • Spread the word sharing pictures of yourself wearing the pink shirt at: or tag it on your Facebook as #pinkshirtday

  • Follow the organization on Facebook ( and Twitter (

  • Make a donation:

  • Challenge your friends and co-workers to commit to a bully-free lifestyle and wear pink


Donations will be accepted until March 4th, 2014 inclusive.
The avatar collecting funds is PinkShirtDay Resident.You can also contact this avatar if you are interested in selling these shirts at your land or business.

Find more information about the PINK SHIRT DAY at:

February Stars

While I can appreciate the day after Valentine's day (discounted chocolate), I've never been a fan of February. It's just so short! 


By the way, Designer's Showcase's February collection is about to make its exit, so if you haven't had a chance to stop by....why not drop in? All designers feature items for 100L or less so you may find a treat or two or three or ten. 


Friday, February 21, 2014

"time keeps rolling by..."

Designer Showcase's February round is still alive and well. Have you had a chance to pop on over?  Glitter's Lord Mesh is a partial mesh ensemble. My avi is one of those super tall avatars*, so it may just be me, but the alpha took away my tummy. I'm half machine, so it kind of works ;)

Designer Showcase in Second Life

Designer Showcase is still kicking, but I'm about to drop! Just remember that it's never too late or too early to shop.

Click here for your lift.


Glitter Lord Steampunk Jacket with Tail and Samantha Earrings @ Designer Showcase
Boots::CHoOoZ:: Genesis Midnight
Hair:*Alice Project* Willow [Low] - Infinity
la petite morte. eye patch-gray roses @ Fantasy Gacha
SteampunkWings by Una Daxter @ Fantasy Gacha
Skin:-Glam Affair - Gemma - Europa 11 G (former Arcade item)
Pose: ::WetCat:: "TTB" 29

* I'm barely 5' in real life, so I want to be a giant in SL.

Post title taken from Oasis "All Around the World"

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Just a minute

You know how some people say "in a New York minute?" I would never make it. Lately, I run on two speeds and that's slow and stop. Case in point, Sascha's New York ensemble is new, but not as new as it was since I got it. The mesh jacket comes in two version: one has a fur collar and the other does not. Also, New York has a nice set of system pants to go with it, but I paired the jacket with another one of Sascha's pieces (Iggy pants) because I love their textures together.

In a New York minute

Make the most out of your time, and see what's new at Sascha's Designs! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


Sascha's New York in Fuchsia (thank you Sascha!)
Sascha's Iggy Pants
Kunglers Ankle boots in Brown Suede
Faenzo-Uffie Hair
Bokeh Satet Bracelet
Opal Ziv Latte Bracelet
Color Me. H.O.F. Zanzi Clutch in Nude
Pose: Ma Vie Flawless 01

Thursday, January 23, 2014

stomping the runway

Have you gone by Designer Showcase this month? I really love this round! There's a lot of sparkle. Grab some attention with FuLo Boutique's Aisha Mini or Kaithleen's Tina Dress. Loads of other goodies, so stop on by!

January Designer Showcase

Click here for a lift to Designer Showcase.


Sunshine (on left):

  • FuLo Boutique's Aisha Mini (Silver) at Designer Showcase 

  • Ibis Platform Heels for Slink in Noir

  • JCNY 5th Avenue Large Hoop Earrings

  • Lelutka NEU in Marylin

  • Belleza Leila Skin


Photo and pose prop: Glitterati Runway