Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Butterfly Effect

Real life butterflies scare me! However, in Second Life, I don't mind them at all. Especially when they are incorporated in an outfit. Even.flow's Butterfly is a partial mesh outfit. The mesh skirt rests slightly above the hips and when worn with the cropped Cami, it really highlights a slim waist.

Even Flow butterfly

I wore it as is, but you can always switch up the top and give it a whole new vibe. Find even.flow's Butterfly outfit at Acid Lily this week. By the way, even.flow is one of the sponsors for the up and coming Spring is Near Hunt. Find more details about the hunt on the Acid Lily blog. Feel like shopping? Click here for teleport to Acid Lily.

  • even.flow Butterfly Cami and Skirt at Acid Lily

  • LeLutka-Mischa Dirt Wedges

  • elymode makeup - Gluttony shadows - cream (upper)

  • PIDIDDLE - CheekDefinition - Diamond Cutter // PaleToFair

  • PurpleMoon Noble Bracelets in Cedar gold

  • MG - Necklace - Alchemy Charm Coins - Gold1, Gold2, and Gold4

  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman

  • AD b. wound up - nutmeg

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5

  • Pose: posa167mesh by PosTyle

*Butterflies are a PS creation*

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

As Ivy Weaves

LIV Glam's Ivy Brocade I has such gorgeous colors! The mesh dress comes with 6 colors via the hud. Ivy I combines a dainty silhouette with an alluring razor back.

LIV Glam  Pretty PrintThe back accentuates a woman's delicate back and shoulders and reveals your silky skin.

LIV Glam Ivy Brocade's BackOverall, the Ivy I is an eye-catching statement piece. Click here for your limo to LIV Glam.


  • LIV-Glam Spring-2013:.Ivy Brocade Print Dress I 

  • Gos Sophia Peeptoe - Scarlet 

  • Miss C. Hair - Liana_Cocoa

  • Cae:: Pomona :: Ring (R)

  • JCNY - Vintage Butterfly, Hyper-Gems Fashion Bracelet

  • glow  studio - Juicy Gems Earrings (rose gold) 

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.0, Saga Lips 07, and LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 05

  • cheLLe - (eyeshadow) Undereye Shadows (Green)

  • *NOYA* designs VAMP Eyelashes

  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Romp and Roll

I can't wait for the warmer weather! How about you? If you are craving Spring attire, check out LIV Glam's Spring 2013 Collections. The Laramie Romper looks soft and silky with vibrant colors, and of course, you have a choice via the hud of 6 Pantone colors.

LIV Glam LaramieIt's a Fr*Friday treat, so there's a few more days to get it for 55L. Click here for a lift!


  • LIV-Glam Spring-2013:.Laramie Romper

  • D!va  Hair "Mai" (Previous Group Gift)

  • PurpleMoon :: Coco Sunglasses in Salmon

  • Dark Mouse Flowers on Fire Bracelet Gold (Right) and Star Flower Necklace - Gold (Chest)

  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3

  • {mon tissu} Straw Tote Bag - Dark Brown

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.0 with Lipgloss

  • elymode makeup - Gluttony shadows - cream (lower)

  • Miamai traveler 1Pose

Monday, February 25, 2013

Was it Good for You?

I was really trying to finish this post up before my midnight...ah well! Anyway, It's a new week at Acid Lily! Every Monday they change their collection, and I thought I would give winter styling one last go by wearing Pure Poison's Winter Cuteness. It's a partial mesh outfit and comes with the adorable shoes. You can find this outfit at Acid Lily for 70L. It also comes in blue and creamy white.

It was nice as it lasted

Actually, I love it when the season changes because you can often get killer deals on your staple pieces. I'm thinking this Winter Cuteness outfit will be a keeper. Here's your lift to Acid Lily. All you have to do is click here for your limo.

Before I forget, Acid Lily will be sponsoring a hunt soon, so if any bloggers or designers would like to participate, you can find out how here


  • Pure Poison Winter Cuteness in Pink at Acid Lily 

  • LaViere Darya Hair with Beret

  • JCNY Haute Monde Stud Earrings

  • Meli Imako Full Perm Mesh Phone 

  • MG Love Teddy Bear (previous Arcade item)

  • LaGyo Cube Ring

  • Label Motion Julia 2 (former Limited Bazaar Item)

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bird of Spring

Liv-Glam's K collection brings a splash of vibrant color and bold prints with Kelly’s Bird Mini Dress. Spring brings us beautiful colors, and the mini dress' versatility will make it one of your favorite Spring ensembles.

KCollection FiFriday Feb 23

The Kelly Bird Mini is on sale for FiFriday, so click here for your limo. You'll find other sweet treats from LIV Glam as well. Happy shopping!


  • Liv-Glam K collection Kelly's Bird Mini dress

  • PIDIDDLE - CheekDefinition - Diamond Cutter // PaleToFair

  • /Wasabi Pills/ Amelie Mesh Hair - Wild honey

  • PurpleMoon Coco Sunglasses in Black

  • N-core ETOILE "Black"

  • Ricielli Mesh TDR - YUSE bag (hand) - sweet yellow

  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3

  • MANDALA Lotus Hand ring and chain Bracelet/Black

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.0 and Lips 03

  • Pose: posa163mesh by PoStYLe

Life is a Highway

Yearning to take a road trip? Set out on the Route 66 Road Trip Hunt. There's approximately 45 stops and Dirty.Little.Secret is one. The "Get Your Kicks on Route 66" is a complete and partial mesh outfit and comes with the top, pants, and high tops.

DLS Route 66 Hunt

It also comes with a backpack so you store any souvenirs as you go about your travels.

DLS Route 66

Find the hint tips hereHowever, since this is a post for Dirty.Little.Secrets, I'll go ahead and give you their clue now: open drawers are a hazard! Now what can that mean? ;) This particular hunt ends on March 20. Happy hunting!


  • [d.l.s.] :: Get Your Kicks on Route 66 (partial mesh)

  • Magika [Hair Un-rigged] Little

  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5 and Saga Lips 01

  • Miel Pilot Peeper Sunglasses

Friday, February 22, 2013

How Sweet the Lily Grows

Acid Lily Designer Showcase will be changing their collection soon, so don't forget to pick up MoYaz's newest release the Lily Chemise at the discount price of 70L. The Lily Chemise features an exclusive texture for Acid Lily too!

Moyaz at the Beach

Here's your lift to Acid Lily!


MoYaz Lily Mesh Chemise Gold at Acid Lily
/Wasabi Pills/ Joy2 Mesh Hair - Wild honey
Baiastice_Estella-hat (Global Domination Kiosk Incentive Gift)
Cae :: Pomona :: Bracelet (R)
Maitreya Gold * Moxie-Summer Browns
ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman
[MANDALA] Lotus chain Bracelet/true Gold(resizable) / L and Lotus Hand ring/true Gold(resize) / R
LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5 and Saga Lips 03
Pose by Posies Saleshia 7

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Better Off

It's starting to feel like Spring! If you're feeling the beginning stages of Spring Fever, you'll want to check out Acid Lily's newest showcase. Every Monday, Acid Lily features some of the hottest designers on the grids. Sometimes the designers release brand new or exclusive items, and each item is always 70L and under. Bitch Tail's Better Off is a mesh ensemble.

BT for Acid Lily 2 Feb 20

The denim skirt features a high slit and the printed top offers an alluring back view.

BT for Acid Lily Feb 20

Start slipping into Spring with Acid Lily. Click here for your limo.


  • Bitch Tails Better Off at Acid Lily (70L)

  • MANDALA Milky Nails/SUN GOLD Ring Only

  • Dark Mouse Baroque Flower Earrings and Necklace - Gold

  • Slink Ilena Sandals Standard Brown w/Slink Mesh Feet S (Rigged)

  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman

  • elikatira Abbey - Brown 08

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.0 and LAQ ~ Essential Saga – Lipgloss

  • ROZENA ~ editor's shadow - warm brown

  • ::DutchTouch:: MakeUp - EyeLiner - nr 3

  • Poses by Flowey

Monday, February 18, 2013

That's Amore

Have you stopped by PurpleMoon yet? If you are the type who is love with love, you'll...guess Poulet's latest gift. Amore was a Valentine's Day gift, but it's still out for your pleasure. Let's face it. Red is timeless because it is a passionate color, and when we feel passion, it means we are alive ;)

Amore PMWhile there is a small fee to join as a PurpleMoon VIP, it will pay itself off immediately once you  get your hands on this delicious gown. Actually, you'll forget about that fee as each group gift comes out.It's a really good investment for all you glamour girls. Need a lift to Purple Moon? Click here.


Thursday, February 14, 2013

All You Need Is Love

Co*Motion’s Love Trophy is the perfect prop for those come hither looks. The heart couch lies on a heart print rug and rose petals. Actually, you can hide the petals, but I feel they give off an American Beauty vibe. The five pose single version is at Acid Lily for 69L, but you can get a couple’s version at the Co*Motion main store if you want some company.

Co Motion Trophy

Click here for ride to Acid Lily. Happy Valentine's Day! ♥


  • Pose Prop: Co*Motion Love Trophy at Acid Lily (69L)

  • LIV-Glam WINTER-2012-SANTONI Chemise Lingerie

  • Chop Zuey Love Struck Wht Earrings

  • Gos Grace Sandal - Mirror - S

  • JCNY - Celebrity Bold Diamond, Hyper-Gems Bracelet (R)

  • 3636 Hair Lila-Brown

  • GA Mesh Lashes Mysteria

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga 1.5 with Lip Gloss and Smokey Eye

  • N-core Manicure

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Don't Leave Home Without It

I have develped a passion for handbags in SL, and I'm in love with LIV Glam's Bottega Tote. LIV Glam's Ambrosius II Turtleneck dress is also pretty cool because it is a hud that allows you to change its color with presets.

LIV Glam Feb 13

By the way, LIV Glam is holding a hunt! Check out the blog to get a peek at the 30 hunt items. Here's your lift. Click here.

  • LIV-Glam WINTER-2012-  Ambrosius II Turtleneck Dress

  • LIV-Glam WINTER-2012-  BOTTEGA Tote-Noir

  • D!va  Hair "Asami" (Type B)(Citrine)

  • MANDALA Blue/Turquoise Anuttra Ring

  • NOYA designs VAMP Eyelashes (VIP gift)

  • MoYaz Barcelona boots in Onyx

  • JCNY - 5th Ave East, Large Diamond Hoop Earrings

  • N-core Manicure

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5 with lipgloss with Smokey Eye

  • Pose: Manifeste - Editorial_21

Here Comes the Sun

I'm so over the cold weather. Although, I'm in the Southwest, so I really can't complain about frosty temperatures. Regardless, Kaithleen's Tunic reminded me of sunny days and the beach!

Kaithleen Tunic and CoMotion Cyndi PoseHere's a lift to Acid Lily.

  • Kaithleen's Offshoulder Silk Tunic in Rose at Acid Lily

  • Pose: Co*Motion So Cyndi 2 at Acid Lily

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga 1.5 with Lipgloss, Smokey Eye, and Saga Lips 02

  • PurpleMoon Coco Sunglasses in Choco

  • JCNY - Soho, Hardwood Collection, Bracelets

  • Miss C. Hair  BiAlex in Coffee

  • N-core Manicure

  • mon tissu Straw Tote Bag - Dark Brown

Monday, February 11, 2013

Cupcake Love

Love is in the Acid Lily Monday air! Bitch Tail's Cupcake Love is a partial mesh ensemble that comes with the shoes. It's sweet and definitely a must have for Valentine's Day.

BT for Acid Lily Feb 11

Click here for your limo to Acid Lily.

  • BT Cupcake Love at Acid Lily

  • Wasabi Pills Sybille2 Mesh Hair Wild Honey

  • JCNY - Rose Garden Heart, Fashion Necklace (Gold)

  • JCNY - X4, Sweeheart Hyper-Gems Earrings

  • LAQ Saga Skin 1.0

  • Pose **Manifeste** - Editorial_24

  • Rose + hearts hand-held prop by Logan Bauer

A Lotta Heart

We should celebrate our loved ones everyday, but it's definitely a must on February 14! Sascha's I Love You in Purple dress is pretty enough for that special day, or just a fun way to show the world that you have a lot of heart. It was part of the 60L weekend, but Sascha has graciously left them on sale for the week!

SAS Purple Hearts

Here's your limo! Click here.

  • Sascha's Designs - I Love You Purple with  Cocktail Flexi Skirt (60L)

  • LAQ Saga with Undershirt Cleavage Tone 1, Saga Lips 02, and Makeup - Smokey eye

  • TRUTH Hair Tenille - chestnut

  • JCNY - Key to My Heart, Diamond Charm Bracelet and Diamond Necklace

  • N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition "White"

  • N-core Manicure

  • Pose Prop: Exposeur & The Loft - Room of Balloons (at Collabor88)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

I <3 Nerds

Recently, Kim Lysette, of LIV Glam, launched her K-Collection. All her items have a distinctive style mixed with wearability and edge. For example, her dress the Nerd Portrait is super fun and fashionable all at the same time.

KGlam nerdIt's also part of Fi*Fridays Sales! Lots of other LIV Glam goodies available too. Click here for a lift to hit the Fi*Friday Sales.

  • [Liv-Glam] K collection dress Nerd portrait S 1 (for Fi*Fridays)

  • *COCO*_Stretch Leather Boots(Black)

  • Izzie's - Tights chess

  • Miamai_XGen Lashes Makeup-No Hair and NoAlpha Lashes_N08

  • Izzie's Eyeliner - Goth

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.0 with Lipgloss

  • Emery - Square Bangles Multiple Gray

  • N-core Manicure

  • [LeLutka]-KEELEY hair - Praline

  • Glitterati Pose Prop Curtains (new!)

Friday, February 8, 2013

Feel the Music

Love the Co*Motion pose prop "The Perfect Violinist!" It comes with 5 different poses, and it is only 69L.

Feel the Music Co Motion 3

I always wanted to play a musical instrument in real life, but I don't have the necessary skills. Good thing for SL.

Feel the Music Co MotionThe Perfect Violinist Prop allows you to use each pose separately or all in a row, so you can hop off one set onto another.

Feel the Music Co Motion 2However, just don't hear the music, feel the music! Head on down to Acid Lily before Sunday to pick up a set. Click here for a ride.


Co*Motion "The Perfect Violinist" Pose Prop at Acid Lily
Indyra Originals Neverfire
booN Hair MDR138 hair chestnut
Laq Saga 1.0
MONS / Makeups - lipstick - shine chocolate
N-Core Manicure
N-core COQUETTE "Gold"
Chop Zuey Death in Mantua Ring and Earrings

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Playing Dress Up

When I was a child, my Barbie dolls were my constant companions. LIV Glam's Roulier Barbie Allover Print Dress pays homage to that iconic toy! It's on sale for this week's Secret Wednesday!

I'm a Barbie Girl2Lots of hunts going around too, so if you're looking for a sunkissed skin, make sure to hit the AMQS hunt for this sexy skin by Ego. The One Year of Love Mini Hunt ends on February 15, so still plenty of time.According to a nc, the group AMQS or  "Rather be Dead than Plain" organized the event in honor of its first anniversary. You'll be looking for the AMQS Group Logo.



LIV-Glam WINTER-2012- Roulier Barbie Allover Print Dress for Secret Wednesday
EGO  -  AMQS Skin  : Sunkiss for AMQS Hunt
Exile Hair In The Meantime:Drift
MG - Earrings - Juicy Love Lips
Miamai_XGen Lashes_Vanity
N-core Manicure
Pose: Morgane's shoot - headshots pose 7

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Just a Girl

I'm short in real life, so I'm usually a giant while running around SL, but le fille casse has a shape, skin, and lingerie combo over at Acid Lily. Each is only 70L. The Alexis shape certainly suits the Audrey skin, but I wish the shape was modifiable. If you don't modify your shapes and usually run around as the shape comes, you'll be delighted in this adorable petite shape.

[caption id="attachment_1337" align="aligncenter" width="600"]le fille casse shape skin and sleep set *edited*[/caption]

If you are a chronic shape tweaker such as may suffer withdrawals! All in all it's too cute to pass up, especially the girly lingerie set. It's almost Valentine's Day, so wow your significant other in the Collette Sleep Set.

[caption id="attachment_1338" align="aligncenter" width="600"]*unedited* *unedited*[/caption]

Find it all at this week's Acid Lily Round! Click here for ride.

  • {le fil casse} - Collette Sleep Set –in Pink 2 at Acid Lily

  • {le fil casse} alexis shape v2 at Acid Lily

  • {le fil casse} audrey skin in first date at Acid Lily

  • Miamai_XGen Lashes Makeup-No Hair

  • /Wasabi Pills/ Veronica Mesh Hair - Wild honey

  • Al Vulo! MEsh Lashes

  •  [ glow ] studio - Ombre Manicure

  • [Gos] Barefoot - Arched - XXS