Saturday, June 30, 2012

I'm a lil Teapot!

I was doing a bit of summer cleaning in my inventory, and I ran across this adorable pose prop from Baffle! It was a hunt item from some time ago, so it must have been quite the bargain!  I thought it went along with my newest find. *LpD* came out with the cutest makeup ever! It is so doll-like and cartoonish at the same time!

I paired the makeup and hat with an *LpD* mini dress. I'm such a girly girl, and the Moment dress is so deliciously girly. Yummmy!



*LpD* - *Moment* Minidress Sugar

*LpD* Skins - *Nessuno mi Puo Giudicare* MakeUp and  *Nessuno Mi puo Giudicare* Hat

Miamai_XGen Hairbase_Brown Miamai_Morning Bun Brown

JCNY - ICONOCLAST, Classic Diamond Stud Earrings

N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition "White" L N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition "White"

 [ glow ] studio - Ombre Manicure

Slurls are correct at times of post :D







Friday, June 29, 2012

Another Fashion Collector!

I've been playing around in Second Life for some time now, and one of my favorite pastimes is collecting new items to fill up my inventory. Actually, I do try to keep my inventory down to a respectable level, but that hasn't stopped me from finding and purchasing new clothes, shoes, jewelry....actually... anything! I especially love places such as The Dressing Room and Collabor8 because a lot of amazing designers offer their creations for minimal lindens. Which is always super nice! What's better than minimal? Free! Loads of designers also have hunts for their customers and items are often free. Not so bad! So hunts and bargain shop items usually find their way into my inventory, but like any true shopaholic, I do not let prices stop me when I see something Imusthave.

Thus the reason for this blog. We all have the opportunity to use blogs to spread our word, so I'm going to use this new blog as my fashion dairy. Totally another fashion blog, but I love to collect beautiful why not? ;)


♥ Laylah Lecker

Monday, June 18, 2012

Purple Moon Styling Challenge Fun

I teach a blog class in SL, and I try and come up with assignments that are appropriate, fun, and related to my employer, Classic With Style, so I was so happy to see a styling photo challenge with one of the designers who has a satellite shop in the CWS Fashion District.

Purple Moon has always been one of my favorites due to her style and use of textures and colors. The designer seems to explore one of my favorite styles too....I love that Boho Chic look! So it's very cool to see a styling challenge that asks people to create their version of different style choices. I am already a fan of photography challenges. I always take my own photos, when I am able, and I like to spend a lot of my free SL time taking pictures around the grid. Of course I love to play grown up virtual Barbie yay! Challenges like this are always fun. I'm going to try and add the PM Challenge as an advanced homework assignment. I only teach what I do, so it was only fair that I did the same. I had a total blast!

This is what I came up with for the four challenges.  I posted my descriptions on my Flickr page if you want the dirty details. Too much fun lol :D

I didn't need a passport to travel to this solAria, which is awesome because I don't have one! I recommend taking a day trip here because it really is a beautiful sim. Just don't try talking to the locals. They are only there for show ;)

My next picture, I took on top of my skybox. I used to have a little pink house on my property, but I kept getting visits from a "neighbor" who dressed as as furry rabbit. After his last unexpected visit....I was in the middle of dressing my avi and only had on a top...I moved a place up to the heavens to style and stare at my walls in peace. On top of that, I have my ghetto photostudio...which is two large prims. Hey it's free and gets the job done! I used this fabulous texture from !dM deviousMind which is one of my favorite places to browse.

Now my next look, I wanted stark white buildings as a backdrop and I also wanted to start using more of SL's, shall we say, natural resources. I remembered I once went to a modern day Paris sim, so I searched it out. :D 

My last trip was also to Paris, but old time Paris! I love love love this sim. I am in the USA, and I don't have a passport, so I have not been able to travel the world...yet ;) Until then I go to places in SL. I really loved this location and the plane overhead added to my pose. I imagined a Cinderella type woman who needed to run home in the wee morning and a plane startles have a vivid imagination ;)