Monday, May 27, 2013

hello sailor!

Happy Memorial Day! How did you celebrate? As many of you know, the United States honors all the men and women who died while serving for our country on Memorial Day. Today also marks the start of the summer season! Speaking of summer, that means it's bathing suit weather. The super cute Hello Sailor swimsuit by Magritta has a ton of vintage flair. It comes with the shoes and an easy to use skin and nail hud, the little sailor hat, and prop life preservers.

Vintage Swimsuit

One preserver goes around your waist and the other you wear on your right hand, click, and your avi goes into a little hold pose.  Mind you though, I'm using pose balls so that's the animation you see.  If you're looking for mesh swimwear, you can visit Magritta's store inworld or on Marketplace. It comes in gold and pink too. It's absolutely adorable! Happy shopping and, one last, Happy Memorial's Day!


  • Featuring: Mag<3.B. Hello Sailor* swimsuits in Black, Rouge, and Blue (new!)

  • Truth Hair: Gogo - champagne; Caprice Browns; Marisol Walnut

  • Deetalez Skin Gogo lust; Laq Saga; Laq Minna

  • Pose by Glitterati- Girls Night

summer time sizzle

I love this print so much that I threw on a tan! As most of Sam's creations, Liv Glam's Fenyang Print Dress comes with a color change hud, so if you aren't feeling the orange like I did, you can change ;) However, orange and tangerines are such cheerful summer time colors, but, then again, the other shades via the hud are too.

LIV Glam with Orange Print

Fenyang is made of mesh, so the slim fit embraces your upper torso and cascades into crisp tiers.  It's a summer sizzler for sure.  If you just love this type of silhouette, there are other prints to choose from as well. Actually, there are always brand new prints and styles over at Liv Glam, so click here for your limo. Happy shopping!  


color explosion

It's a brand new week at Acid Lily Gallery and loads of new pieces with promo prices. If you love to wear bright colors, Color Insane's Long Top and Leggings will catch your eye. The shirt is mesh, and the leggings are standard SL, so you can wear them underneath skirts or shorts.  There's other colorful prints available too.

Acid Lily Monday May 27 Color Insane

Acid Lily Gallery's collections run for one week, and everything is 70L and under, so put them on your weekly shopping to do list. Click here for your ride.


  • Color Insane  Long Top Zebra Dream at Acid Lily

  • Color Insane Leggings in Blue at Acid Lily

  • Coco Black Denim Shorts

  • Slink bare feet and Aussie Thongs

  • !lamb Hair Sweet Pea in creme

  • MG Necklace Mermaids Heart Choker

  • MG Ring Lost Eden Eve's Eye

  • League Taylor Skin

  • Pose: Exposeur - Singles Special 18 M

  • Color Insane Long Top Cold Magma at Acid Lily

  • Color Insane Leggings in Turquoise at Acid Lily

  • Slink bare feet and Ilena Sandals

  • DeLa Hair Naomi Light Browns

  • MG Giant Teardrop Necklace

  • MG - Bangle - Athena 1 and 4 in Gold

  • League Isla Skin

  • Pose: POSIES Boho 04 Short

Sunday, May 26, 2013

a bohoemian chic connection

Have you been to Designer Showcase yet? May is about to end, so that means the current Designer Showcase round is about to end too. Sassy has a super cute dress for this month's collection.  I absolutely love handkerchief hems and bold prints, so Sassy's  Bohemian dress and I made a connection.

Sassy at Designer Showcase

There are loads of other items for discount prices, so head on down. This month's collection will end May 30. Click here for your lift to Designer Showcase.


~Sassy!~ Bohemian dress- teal at Designer Showcase
[MANDALA] khaki/moss Anuttra Ring
Phoebe's Orion Necklace ~14 Gems~ long (P.MESH)
AD clarity earth
Dark Mouse Flowers on Fire Bracelet Gold (Left)
Slink Lulu Addon Beige w/Slink Mesh Feet
V4 ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged by Jamman 
[AddiCt]Treasured Peacock Necklace
LAQ ~ Saga Lips 09
League Isla
{mon tissu} Straw Tote Bag - Dark Brown

Saturday, May 25, 2013

long weekends

I love long weekends! I'm USA, so it's our Memorial Day Weekend. Yes, it's actually on Monday, but we celebrate all weekend long. What are your plans? I think I'm going to sit out in the sunshine and read some chick lit. I haven't done that in ages!

For Acid Lily

All you USAers play it safe and have a happy holiday!


  • SS Mesh Dress Black Floral at Acid Lily 

  • Maxi Gossamer - Earrings and Necklace - Sybil's LadyBug

  • TRUTH HAIR Denee - Browns05Fade

  • V4 ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged by Jamman

  • [Gos] Lolita Espadrilles - Colour Collection

  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5

  • -tres blah- Chic Satchel (black)

  • Pose: Co Motion Beauty Queen at Acid Lily (5 pose set comes with bouquet and tiara)

a fairy's tale

I'm a big fan of tattoos in real life, but I only have a few. I have to make sure I really want know what I mean? However, in SL, we can wear as many or as little as we want and change whenever the mood strikes. If you want to make a romantic gesture, try on Cake's "Tattoo Fairy" so your honey can read how much he or she means to you.

Acid Lily Fairy Tattoo

The poem goes like this:

I love you for giving your heart to me

and trusting me with your pride
I love you for wanting me
and needing me by your side

I love you for the emotions
I never knew I had
I love you for making me smile
Whenever I was sad

I love you for your thoughts of me
because I'm always on your mind
I love you for being that missing part of me
that I thought I would never find

I love you for the way you are
and for how you make me feel
But most of all I love you
because I know you're mine for real

by Ashley Anderson

Aww! Sweet huh? I hunted down the writer, and there is a small difference but it mostly seems like Cake grammatically cleaned it up. Which is always nice!  My real life sister got a tattoo and the novice tattoo artist misspelled a word. Yikes!  Anyway, you can find the tattoo at a promo price (65L) over at Acid Lily, but probably for only one more day before they clear out and make room for the next round of deals.


*CaKe!*[Tattoo Fairy]Undershirt Layer at Acid Lily
*P* Irish Luck Belly Piercing ~8 Metals/9 Gems~ (60L) at Acid Lily
Evian - Aphrodite Skin with Vivid tone tinted to pink
*BOOM* Nature's Crown (lavender) from March Arcade
/Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Mesh Hair - Chocolate
V4 ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged by Jamman
You~Nique Silk wings large
Pose: Flowey When in Doubt

Saturday, May 18, 2013

I <3 Nerds and Boys

Now that I'm older, I realize it's totally ok for others to label me as a nerd. It sure sucked when I was younger though :P

Ok...minor vent over! I didn't intend for my latest post to delve into my childhood insecurities.  I suppose it just happened organically because of Liv Glam's Molly. The mesh mini dress  has a variety of textures to choose from and my favorites were "Nerd" and "Boy."

Liv Glam Nerds and Boys

You'll find both versions on sale this weekend, so if you love nerds and boys, check them out. Click here for your ride to Liv Glam.



  • [LIV Glam] Boutique-Spring 2013- Molly Print Dress

  • Flirt - Fuck Me Red - Lip Stix -Light

  • :{MV}: Derezzed Boots in Void at Acid Lily

  • FuLo - "Guess" Zebra Watch (silver) Rhinestone Bangles, and Triple Spike Bracelet

  • Magika Hair - Ribbonetta

  • Jamman ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged (update!)

  • Evian - Aphrodite Skin - PALE

  • Pose: manifeste 94


  • [LIV Glam] Boutique-Spring 2013- Molly Print Dress

  • NO Nail Art -  Damn That's Red - (March Arcade)

  • >TRUTH< hair Lisa (my real life name shhh)

  • JCNY - Picasa Gemstone Bracelets, Hyper-Gems

  • Slink Destiny  Black and Mesh Feet (Av) Toes M

  • Deetalez Skin Gogo

  • Pose: everglow girl 634

Listening to Michelle Branch's "All You Wanted:"

Thursday, May 16, 2013

In the Crystal Cave

Have you headed down to Acid Lily Gallery yet? You can find LMD's Charlotte there for a promo price of 70L. It has such a tropical feel to it. If it were a bit later in the day, I would have accessorized it with a fruity cocktail with a little umbrella.  However, it was still relatively early in the afternoon for me ;)

LMD Acid Lily

It comes in other colors too, so you have a nice selection to choose from. By the way, I shot this picture at Hathors Garden's Crystal Cave. If you've been looking for in-world photo opportunities, you should definitely visit.

Styling Credits:

LMD Charlotte Dress in Blush at Acid Lily
LAQ ~ Eye Makeup 03 and 02
EarthStones Marquessa Diamond Bracelet and Earrings- Pink Tourmaline
Maxi Gossamer Ring - Lost Eden - Eve's Eye - GOLD + OPAL - Small
TRUTH HAIR Lotus - Browns01Fade (new)
ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman 
Evian - Aphrodite Skin - PALE ( Brunette brows )
Pose: Glitterati Milliner 1

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

color me new

Prism Clothing Designs has gorgeous new releases, and  they range from casual to dressy!

love mesh shorts. The Annie outfit is too cute with the fringe top and boots.

Prism Two

  • Prism Annie (comes with boots) by Journey in Raspberry
  • League* Wanderer -Black- Bracelets and Earrings
  • Wasabi Pills Monique Mesh Hair - (BOOBS) - Wild honey
  • MG - Necklace - Zodiac - Aries - Short1 - (from Zodiac)
  • MIEL HIPSTER PEEPERS - candy gloss
  • LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.5
  • Poses: Manifeste 581 and 597

The Babe outfit has a seriously sexy low back.  This version has polka dots, and it's a combination of girlish sophistication.

prism three

  • Prism Babe by Journey - Gatsby
  • Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Toes and Vintage 2-Strap Pumps Blush
  • MG - Bangle - Athena 2 - GOLD - R
  • Donna Flora PIGALLE Set in Coral
  • Vanity Hair:Florette-Umber
  • League Isla Pale Skin Champagne
  • Poses: Manifeste editorial and LAP RCD Other Shoulder

Off the shoulder dresses are one of my favorite silhouettes. Plus, Olivia in Flower' texture is vibrant and detailed.

prism one

  • Prism Olivia One shoulder Pencil Dress - Flowers
  • ""D!va"" Hair "Aya" (Type A)(Citrine)
  • Chop Zuey Fritillaries Bracelet Wht
  • Donna Flora LUIGIA earrings
  • N-core heels FEMME "Champagne"
  • *League* Isla Pale ChinaDoll Brunette
  • LaGyo_Anais ring
  • Poses: diesel miaa 5 and PosTyle posa139mvw

Click here for your lift to Prism Clothing Designs and happy shopping!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

an almost summer day's green dream

Acid Lily Gallery has new collection out for conscientious shoppers, and it seems summer is in the air. Duck or Swan's Kiki skin is gloriously tanned, while Lavanda Chic's colorful maxi skirt affords the opportunity to wear a crop top and show off some skin. By the way, the skirt comes in other colors, but I was in a green type of mood.

Acid Lily May 14 Monday

Also, Candy Metal's Suvi Platforms will be a cute addition to any warm weather outfit. The foot texture is rather nice, and while it's always difficult to predict everyone's wind light settings, it's easy enough to find a tone that fits your skin and your favorite wind light. Click here for your ride to Acid Lily Gallery!


There are two group gifts at Acid Lily. I already blogged  about LMD's Jilly maxi dress in blue, but I thought you should know it's one of the gifts for you. Make sure to join Acid Lily's in-world group in order to get your free gifts. Happy shopping!

Styling Credits:

  • LavandaChic Long Skirt in Green at Acid Lily

  • DuCk or SwAn skin:.KIKI at Acid Lily

  • CandyMetal~Suvi Wedge Mesh Sandals in Leather White at Acid Lily

  • Paper.Doll: Bow Bandeau: Apple (March Arcade)

  • ""D!va"" Hair "Daria" (Type A)(Citrine)

  • Dark Mouse Nouveau Rose Bakelite Bangle and Earrings- Brown

  • LaGyo Cube ring R

  • Jamman Ultra Mesh Fingernails rigged V3

  • {what next} Portobello Basket Prop- Pose 5 (reds)

  • Pose: glitterati Bouquet 3

Sunday, May 12, 2013

a foreign affair

Yesterday, I had quite the adventure in Milan.

[caption id="attachment_2104" align="alignnone" width="500"]Where is he? Wearing Prism Babe by Journey - Daisy[/caption]

The train rolled in, but he wasn't on board.

Ooh, I wonder where she got her dress.

[caption id="attachment_2105" align="alignnone" width="500"] Wearing Egoisme - Sundress - Watercolors Multi, Evian Petra pale skin, and free Egoisme Smartphone gift[/caption]

Maybe he missed it. I guess I'll go shopping as I wait for the next train to roll in.

Milan sightseeing

Gorgeous new gowns...I want them all! Hmm...maybe it's not wise to shop on an empty stomach.

[caption id="attachment_2108" align="alignnone" width="500"] Wearing Evian Aphrodite pale skin[/caption]

I've been sitting here for hours and still no sign of him.

In the meantime...

[caption id="attachment_2109" align="alignnone" width="500"]Where is she? Wearing !BeUp! Outfit #3 from SL Fashion Week and Evian Skin Eros[/caption]

The handsome man wonders where is she? She said she would meet me right here. I suppose I'll look around, but night is falling. Wait...

"Laylah? Is that you?"

Milan Happy Ending

Yes...a long super long post, but the moral of the story...find your boyfriend before you window shop. Ok, that's not really a moral. I wanted to just show Egoisme's gorgeous new mainstore :D

According to their press release:

“The new Egoisme store is a new concept; not just a place where you can buy fashion and skins but a piece of RL art in SL."

Egoisme 1

You can visit the place, learn about it and discover a new world. In Milan this Gallery is called also Milan's drawing room, or "salotto di Milano" because it is elegant, you can shop and sit in the famous art nouveau style cafe.

Egoisme 2

"Art and fashion in the same place, which is an experience we made years ago and now we bring to next level, using the mesh technology, and new creations in theme. Egoisme will now launch many new pieces with some special offers to celebrate the new store."

Egoisme 4

"Plus our goal is to produce an Art Expo and we will launch new projects and transform the Egoisme main store into a real place where customers are protagonists and where people can finally discover real life architecture and art in a virtual setting.”

It's a beautiful place to take location shots! Take the teleport to Egoisme and see it for yourself.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


Surprise! It's a party for you! Well, it's not your birthday yet right? So maybe, it can be a party for Mother's Day. Hope all you mothers and grandmothers have a very happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

Acid Lily Surprise

By the way, this week's Acid Lily Gallery selection will be gone after the weekend, so if you haven't gone to Acid Lily this week, now is the time. Acid Lily will be moving to a brand new store next week, so stay tuned for the slurl. Until then, happy shopping!

Me (on left):

  • [[>CaKe!<]]Summer Long Dress Wild Silk Floral at Acid Lily 

  • *Phoebe* Orion Earrings and Necklace at Acid Lily

  • .:*DuCk or SwAn*:Dana at Acid Lily

  • >TRUTH< Adeline - coffee

  • Lindy Sandye White at Designer Showcase 

  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman

Sunshine (on right):

  • LMD Jilly at Acid Lily 

  • .:*DuCk or SwAn*:Juni at Acid Lily 

  • : PM :: Tribe Earrings Gold/Iron/Copper

  • >TRUTH< Clementine (Lower) - fudge

  • >TRUTH< Swift - walnut

  • JCNY - 'CINX Nails, NYC Street Fashion

  • {{BSD Design studio}}Retro model

Pose: Glitterati Surprise

Thursday, May 9, 2013

chic la mode

Liv Glam creator Samantha Jones always has new goodies for her customers. In fact, Liv Glam's Chic La Mode Monday and Wednesday always offers us spanking brand new releases.

LIV glam May 8

I fell in love with this Monday's Chic La Mode Katiuscia Blouse and the Rebecca Print Dress. Each have 6 colors, via the hud, for you to chose from too! Check all the new releases and deals over at Liv Glam's gorgeous store at Zenshi. Click here for your limo!


LIV Glam Boutique-Spring 2013-Katiuscia Top S
LIV-Glam .:Spring-2013:. Dalia Skirt
*Phoebe* The Owl Ring ~5 Metals~ S (P.MESH-r) at Feeb's Rascals St. Sales Room
>TRUTH< Portia - coffee
Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Toes M with Slink Vintage 2-Strap Pumps Black
Jamman Mesh Fingernails
[ glow ] studio Simple Clutch Gray (pose 1)
LIV-Glam*WINTER-2012*-[CURIOSITY]-Vintage Heirloom Earrings
*League* Skin Isla Pale Feline Black w/*League* Isla -Pale- Lipstick Glamour
Pose: label motion cassie 4 At Sunshine


LIV Glam Boutique-Spring 2013-Rebecca Print Dress S
*GA* Makeup Eyeliner V1 Black with Mysteria Lashes
*Phoebe* Isis Mesh Bracelet ~Rombus~ (no shine-l)
:: PurpleMoon :: Venice Earring and Necklace in Black
Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Zanzi Clutch[White] (March Arcade)
Finesmith Grapa bracelet Darkness
Miamai_Lika Updo_Brown
Jamman Ultra Mesh Fingernails rigged
[Gos] Marilyn Sandals - Black Patent - S
LAQ ~ Essential Saga - Tone 1.0 w/LAQ ~ Saga Lips 03
Pose: Purple Poses 512

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

15 shades of boho chic

PurpleMoon's Meadow Maxi dress is stylish, boho chic, and versatile all rolled into one. If you love to wear a certain silhouette, but you yearn for color or pattern changes, Meadow Maxi allows you to do that with just one click.

Purple Moon Maxi

All you do is wear the hud (and the dress at the same time of course!), and click on the pattern you want to wear that day. Boom! It's an instant outfit change.

pm hud_001

It's very cool. I love it when outfits come with a hud such as this because it doesn't take up as much space in our inventories. Yay for SL technology!

Don't forget that you must buy the initial dress in order for this to work. While the hud I'm showing has all the patterns available, you can also choose specific huds if you only fancied the striped, floral, or circle print.  Click here for your lift to PurpleMoon and happy shopping!

Styling Credits:

On me:

On Sunshine:

Pose by Glitterati "Sparkle"

Monday, May 6, 2013

twisted sisters

I have to confess...I love movie musicals! I rented Rock of Ages a couple of weeks ago, and I still have 80's rock music in my head. By the way, Candy Metal has just the dress if you happen to love heavy metal. Heavy Metal Girl is available in four styles, and you can find them this week at Acid Lily Gallery for a promo price.

Acid Lily Rock of Ages

Click here for your lift to Acid Lily Gallery!

Styling Credits:

On FashioncolLecker (Left side):

  • ~Candy Metal~ Heavy Metal Girl Mini dress #2 at Acid Lily 

  • Slink Destiny Platforms (Mesh Addon) Black with Slink Mesh Feet (Av) Toes M

  • DeeTalez Skin Gogo lust lips brown hair MED/FAIR

  • (NO) Nail Art - Damn That's Red (March Arcade)

  • *N@N@*Deadhead earrings and long necklace

  • edge grafica 37-bracelet-forearm(free!)

  • : Amorous : You Bracelet (free!)

  • TRUTH Hair Lilia - walnut

  • Miamai Catwalk Lashes Evergreen 02 Material Girl

On me:

  • ~CandyMetal~ Heavy Metal Girl Mini dress #1 at Acid Lily

  • *Phoebe* Spikes Leather Bracelet ~ Goth Cross ~ (l)

  • FuLo - Triple Spike Bracelet (silver)

  • JCNY - Urban Angels, Hyper-Gems, Diamond Double Chain

  • Maitreya Gold Liaison - Raven M Rigged

  • Miamai_Catwalk Lashes_Toxic_Black

  • MONS / Lighting Earrings -silver (former TDRF item)

  • AD Hair tantrum in sunset

  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman no wings

  • [ glow ] studio - Pearls & Spikes Collar (silver)

  • [MANDALA]SINRA bracelets/Wolf Silver

  • *League* Isla Pale -Red Brows

Saturday, May 4, 2013

jet setter

Egoisme has something new for the ladies, and it's all about Satin and Silk. It made me feel like vacation for some reason. Do you love to travel? I love to fly in real life because I like to get to my next destination quick. Some argue driving is nice because of the view, but I say the world looks prettier from above.

By the way,  I was in New York this morning, and Egoisme's strapless top and Satin and Silk pants were the perfect date outfit. The tight mesh pants show off girly curves, and you are able to wear them with high heels or flats because there are two versions. boyfriend doesn't want to let me go, but I made plans...

Ego New York Hollywood. As the sun sets, Sunshine and I are ready to have a girl's night out! Another of Egoisme's releases is the sweet Satin and Silk off shoulder blouse. The strapless blouse and off shoulder blouse have tons of gorgeous colors and prints for you to choose from. You have a choice in the color of pants too.

Ego Cali

Be a jet setter and flaunt your favorite styles all over the grid. Tickets are cheap in sl, so you have more money to shop with ;)

Click here for your private jet to Egoisme. Happy shopping!

Styling Credits:

Picture One:


  • Egoisme - Strapless Top - Lattice M

  • Egoisme Satins & Silks Pant - Snow White

  • Evian - Aphrodite Skin - Pale

  • >TRUTH< Froukje w/Roots - chestnut

  • Chop Zuey Fritillaries Bracelet and Earrings in White

  • Maxi Gossamer Necklace - Solar Dream - Long - GOLD + OPAL

  • Slink Ilena Sandals Standard Gold with Mesh Feet

  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria

  • ULTRA Mesh Fingernails rigged V3 by Jamman


Couple's Pose by Exposeur Trying to Hold On

Picture Two:

Me (left):

Sunshine (right):

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

how to feel rich

Sascha Frangilli brings us a sensational gown called Damatjo. With that in mind, do you feel up to a little Sascha Designs' trivia? There's only one question: Who was crowned Ms. Sascha Top Model 2012? Ding, ding, ding if you guessed Damatjo Magic! Her namesake gown is partially mesh, so you have that smooth and realistic looking body and keep the movement of traditional flexis.

Sascha Dama

It's quite the combination, and, like most of Sascha's gowns, you have many colors to choose from and many ways to wear it. I felt mysterious today, so I coupled it with the sensational hat. I must admit that I felt rich while wearing Damatjo, so if you like to feel wealthy too, I encourage you to teleport to Sascha's and get your favorite color. Click here for your limo.

Styling Credits:

  • Sascha's Designs - Damatjo Red with Medium Bum Train, Red scuplted Rose bodice trim, and Hat

  • Miamai Hair_Dahlia Blonde and Sirk Updo Blonde

  • Chop Zuey Paparazzi III Set (Hollywood Swag Gift)

  • Slink  Mesh Feet with Vintage 2-Strap Pumps Black

  • *League* Isla Pale ChinaDoll Blonde

  • Flirt - Fuck Me Red - Lip Stix & Liner

  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria

  • Glitterati Formality 3 (Katey set out a gift in honor of her should go check it out!)