Tuesday, December 31, 2013

"ignite the sky and let it shine"

I can't wait for 2014! I always get soooo excited about the new year because I think out with the old and in with the new. Course, a few days after the new year, I get awfully moody because I tend to break my new year's resolutions by January 2nd.

What are your plans for the new year? Celebrate it in style with PurpleMoon, this year's Avi's Choice for favorite female fashion designer. A little bit of sparkle goes a long way, and PurpleMoon's Dresha top comes with quite a few sequin tones via the color change hud.


In fact, the Dresha blazer and pants are color or pattern changeable using huds too. Okay, over and out.  It's my first Las Vegas New Year's celebration, so I'm going to ring in the new year under the fireworks. See you in 2014!

Have a safe and happy new year's celebration!

PurpleMoon Dresha
Lelutka Seiko
Slink heels
Pose Prop: Exposeur – Room of Balloons
Post title pinched from Katy Perry's Firework

Sunday, December 29, 2013

And may the odds be ever in your favor...

Yes, I saw Catching Fire! It inspired me to recreate my own Arcade Games. As an Arcade addict, I can get pretty mean when I want something. It costs too....but so much fun! 



(fd) Snuggle Sweater by Toast Bard - Orange Sherbet (December Arcade)
(NO) Foam Wig - Clown by Polyester Patridge (December Arcade)
*katat0nik* (cupcake) Carousel Necklace (December Arcade)
LaGyo_Mariel Balloons Pink (December Arcade)
Tee*fy FoodWar Taiyaki Gun (December Arcade)
-Glam Affair - Gemma - Europa 02 A with Freckles 03 (December Arcade)
KOSH - Slink Applier Candy Cane Fingernails  (December Arcade)
{Sugar Heart} Sweet Factory Tights ~ Candy Shoppe RARE (Former Arcade Item)
Natural Beauty-Lashes 4 by Miah McAuley

Thursday, December 26, 2013

vintage fashion and reindeer games


Designer Showcase kaithleen


Kaithleen's Vintage coat - Oldpink (Designer Showcase December 199L)
Izzie's - Tights plum
/Wasabi Pills/ Jade Mesh Hair - Wild honey
Candy Crunchers -Mixy The Deer (Acid Lily's Last Round)
The Secret Store - Ice Skates - Brown Plaid/Pompons - (December Arcade)
VCO - Gloves Necklace [BREAD 05] - (December Arcade)
-Glam Affair - Katya - Europa 03 E (Former Collabor88 Item)
Pose by Glitterati Ballet 10

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Morning

I'm such a sucker for plaid! Prism Designs' Yesi in Winter Morning is a lovely soft pink shade. It's very girly girl if you are so inclined. It also comes with the shoes and the thigh high leg warmers. It's a mix and mash item because all pieces can be worn separately.

Morning Prism

Here's your lift to Prisms Designs! Happy shopping and happy holidays!

Prism Designs Yesi in Winter Morning
Pose: Aushka & Co Skatter Pose 08
Hair: Clawtooth: Temptation - Dreamy Red with Bow (The Dec. Arcade)
Skin: Glam Affair Katya (formerly fr. Collabor88 event)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

c'est la vie

Finally settled into my new home...and it still doesn't feel like home. Perhaps it's the time of year? I guess we all have to grow up someday. I'd visit Las Vegas once in awhile, but to actually live here is surreal. Slot machines everywhere! I've had a few friends say to go down to the strip and celebrate Las Vegas style.

c'est la vie

I'm actually looking forward to dressing up in real life, but, in SL, Prism Designs' Anastacia dress and matching mesh hat in Black Sequin is the perfect New Year's Eve party dress. It's a mesh body and a flexi skirt, so it has plenty of movement.

I added an additional pop of red with Zuri Rayna's Norena Star earrings and necklace set.

Prism and Zuri

Tis  the season to glam it up right? Happy holidays!


Prism Designs Anastacia Dress - Black Sequin
Zuri Rayna Norena in black and red (thank you Zuri!)
Glam Affair Gemma (Arcade)
Pose 1: Di's Opera - Ravissante Line 1 - 5
Pose 2: label motion jewelry 4

Friday, December 6, 2013

An interesting read

In the article “Was Abraham Lincoln Gay?” By Adam Cecil, the author issues a response to a question written by a frequenter of the site. The question asks if the assertion of the Log Cabin Republicans, that Abraham Lincoln was indeed homosexual, is entirely valid. The author responds by elucidating that, despite the myriad of historic writings and journal entries by both close associates and even Lincoln himself hinting at this supposed disposition, their still remains a lack of concrete evidence to the claims that Abraham Lincoln was gay.

Richard Brookhiser wrote this editorial piece for the New York Times as a critical analysis and preview of C.A. Tripp’s book “The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln.” In the article, Brookhiser explains that the author had died prior to the release of the book, leaving only the finished manuscript and never allowing time to fix any of the potential flaws in his research and sources. The author contends that, no matter what his sexual orientation, Abraham Lincoln was still a remarkable man who had remarkable achievements.

David Herbert Donald’s book “We are Lincoln men: Abraham Lincoln and his friends” is a biography of Abraham Lincoln, told through the eyes of his closest associates. While the book does not deal primarily with the question of whether or not Abraham Lincoln was gay, it does gloss over it in an attempt to lend real credence to the idea that Lincoln may in fact, could have been homosexual. According to William Herndon, Lincoln’s Illinois Law Partner of 16 years, Lincoln “was the most reticent and mostly secretive man that ever existed: he never opened his whole soul to any man."

This article, written by Tom Fudge of KBPS, is an interview with author Dorin Kearns Goodwin (“Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln) on the subject of whether or not Abraham Lincoln was gay. According to Kearns Goodwin, the assertion that Abraham Lincoln was gay primarily comes from a basic misunderstanding of 19th century life and manners. She contends that what would seem to be daily protocol in the eyes of a man from the 19th century would seem quite homoerotic to a man in the 21st century, especially because the man in the 21st century has had far more exposure to that type of lifestyle (usually through stereotypes and the media) than the 19th century man.

Harris discusses the new book called “The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln” by C.A. Tripp, who was a former researcher for Alfred Kinsey. The book divulges letters between Lincoln and Speed which may unveil an intimate relationship. The book’s findings have been disputed by another researcher, David Donald, making this a political and relevant book for this controversial subject.

Author Martin P. Johnson, writer for the Journal of the Abraham Lincoln Association, has written this editorial piece as both an analysis of the question of whether or not Abraham Lincoln was gay, and as a summarized review of C.A. Tripp’s manuscript “The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln.” Examining several sources of evidence both included in C.A. Tripp’s book and otherwise, the author asserts that the popular tales told by Lincoln’s contemporaries through their journals have been scandalized and that, while there may be truth to them, it is not these sources, but a primary source from whence the information was born, that would be of interest as concrete evidence in the quest for an answer to the question, “was Abraham Lincoln gay?”

Carol Lloyd wrote this periodical for Salon magazine back in 1999, when the question of whether or not Lincoln was gay was less a question posed by random citizens and more relegated to the dark corners of scholarly articles and speculation. This is the article that, by all accounts, gave the hypothesis popular credence, as very many of the sources in this annotated bibliography have cited this article and the sources within as primary evidence either for or against the idea that Abraham Lincoln was homosexual.

Sylvia Rhue, Ph.D. writes in an editorial for the Huffington post that Abraham Lincoln’s ambiguous relationships with several men over the course of his lifetime is proof enough to assert that Lincoln was actually gay. She goes on to note that “The studied impulse to make Lincoln absolutely heterosexual reflects a discernible societal discomfort with the complexities of human sexuality and sexual orientation, as well as deeply embedded streaks of homophobia.” Additionally, she cites the long held belief that Thomas Jefferson had been sleeping with one of his slaves as once just a myth, but proven after further discussion and research on the subject. Additionally, she provides a potential confidential insight into the possible answer to the question of Abraham Lincoln’s sexuality, when she relates the story told to her by Rev. Cindi Love, the executive director of soulforce. She says, “I have been researching Lincoln and found a lot about his relationships with men, and I am getting this from a many sources," I told her. "But I am puzzled about one thing: William Herndon has not mentioned or written anything that would indicate that Lincoln was gay." Rev. Love replies, "Well, here is the missing piece of your puzzle. My maiden name is Herndon. William Herndon was my great-great-uncle, and he was gay, and he was Lincoln's lover" (She went on to talk about how this information was handed down from generation to generation in the Herndon family).

An essay written for the History New Network, sponsored by George Mason University and written by the head of the Log Cabin Republican political action committee, W. Scott Thompson, asserts that there is overwhelming evidence that President Abraham Lincoln was undoubtedly homosexual. He references Lincolns ambiguous bonds with men, his lack of noted attraction to women, his decidedly “bad” marriage to Mary Todd Lincoln and his characteristics that fall somewhere over the line into femininity on the spectrum, not only by 21st century standards, but often enough by 19th century standards as well.

In his final written manuscript before his death, author C.A. Tripp, protégé to the late Alfred Kinsey, wrote a book entitled “The Intimate World of Abraham Lincoln.” In the book, Tripp opines that Abraham Lincoln was assuredly homosexual, and cites the now familiar evidence and reasons as to why that may be. This book is cited in nearly every previous source in this annotated bibliography, and to this day is widely considered the landmark work in the field of psychological analysis regarding President Abraham Lincoln. The evidence put forth in the pages of this book analyze President Lincoln’s own journal entries and those of his contemporaries, comparing and contrasting in order to cross examine what is and is not reliably factual, and considers the personal opinions of many of Lincoln’s closes friends and associates regarding his character.