Saturday, September 28, 2013

"clean as a whistle"

I was feeling a little moody today. It's getting colder. I live in the desert sans beach, so you can imagine my pain when I look out the window and all I see is gray. That's actually one of the many reasons I love SL. One, I am addicted to SL (maybe love hate in this case) and two, I can change the environment in wink of an eye. I have to say goodbye to summer, but you can say hello to Digs Beaufort Sun-lounger.

Digs Acid Lily

It's over at Acid Lily and it has a variety of individual and couples' poses. I'm talking G, PG, and rated R poses too.  I can't tell you how R rated because...well, I would feel awkward doing all those by myself. However, I noted there were choices such as sex and foreplay. So have some fun ;) If you just like to relax, there's plenty for solo males and females too. Want to check it out? Click here for your lift.


  • DIGS - Beaufort Sunlounger - Adult [MESH] at Acid Lily

  • [White~Widow - HIGH] Elysium Tattoo at Acid Lily

  • (Yummy) Miranda the Mermaid (Arcade)

  • Becca BoraBora  panties  S by Mag<3.B

  • Exile::Hearts Don't Breakeven Natural Fusion 2

  • Post title pinched from The Black Crowes' "Twice as Hard"

Friday, September 27, 2013

a fairy's tale

I'm totally addicted to the Arcade. I always start going through withdrawals about now because I don't allow myself to go in its last days. I have to save some of my lindens for shoes and hair you know ;)

Fairy Tales small


  • Tee*fy nightgowns pink hearts

  • ILO Ballet Flats in pink

  • Belleza Leila Rare o1

  • Exile Rare Pastels

  • Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Necklaces and loads of charms

  • <:*BoOgErS*:> Tall Flower (Using Label Motion Fairies Pose)

  • Monso: Yeah I'm Famous


  • Tee*fy nightgowns white

  • ILO Ballet Flats in sea

  • Clawtooth Hearts on Fire Blinding

  • MG Jazz hands Frog Necklace

  • DIGS - Straw Bale Seat - Moss [MESH]

  • [PF] - Gacha - 02 - Cyber Grey (previous Arcade)

  • O.M.E.N - ARCADE - MECH WING - Pool Blue (previous Arcade)


  • Tee*fy nightgowns purple

  • ILO Ballet Flats in red

  • [ARIA] Daliah animal stool -Sheep-Weat

  • Clawtooth Heck on Wheels Soft Black

  • Noodles - Fairy Tale Charm Necklaces and loads of charms

  • [PF] - Gacha - 05 - Red Succubus (Previous Arcade)

  • Atmosphere:

  • BAIASTICE Geisha Rare, Drama, Dancer, Brat, Gold Queen Rare, and Dreamer

  • O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Dome - Beauty and the Beast; Little Mermaid - Shell & Sparkle; Little Mermaid - Hair Comb(fork?); O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Dome – Aladdin

  • Lark - Imaginarium Librarium - Library Sage and Sea; Roots, Secret, Butterfly, Lark, Windows, and Mariner

  • +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (White Squirrel); Woodland Trees (Green Medium); and Woodland Animals (Brown Bear)

  • AF Scented Candle (Sandalwood)

  • -tb- Bon Voyage - Books

  • Alouette - You're A Wizard Bookshelf (#9)

  • Monso: What the hell?

  • ::{u.f.o}::my sitting doll friends - chair donky; bottle pengu  and bottle ratto

  • {vespertine- little tree terrarium}

  • PILOT - Candy Bar 7 Lollypop [A]

  • *~*HopScotch*~* Hairy Guy

  • BALACLAVA!! Little Red Toys - Toy Piano White

  • Phoebe de la Mer Venus

  • O.M.E.N. - Fairytales - Little Mermaid - Wood Tray

  • *bbqq*-silhouette lamp-Owl

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"this is where it starts"

If there is one thing I love in life, it's new clothes, shoes, and books. I know. Books aren't accessories but I still like to carry them around! I even read a few when I get the chance ;)

I finished my MA last spring, so I haven't picked up any reading material yet. Know of any good books? Let me know because I plan on taking an extended vacation from one of my real life jobs. Enough about whole point was to show talk about Liv Glam and Acid Lily! Alouette's Crate Bookshelves (minus the one that reads books) are one of the many items you can find at Acid Lily. You can actually personalize them by adding a special picture! Click here for a lift to Acid Lily.

On another note, Liv Glam's K Collection has the cutest dress over at Fashion's Story Fair. It's called "Smells like Teen Spirit" and you'll find it in the section reserved for 80's and 90's wear.

Liv Glam Sept 25

As for the right, Liv Glam's K Collection "Sweetest Thing" features fun Capri pants, cropped sweater, and shirt. It's a Chic la Mode Friday special (and yeah, I know it's Wednesday, but rl work is killing me...thus the break!).  At any rate, it's new! Need a lift? Click here for a lift to Fashion's Story Fair or here for a lift to Liv Glam.

Left Credits:

  • [LG] K Collection Smells Like Teen Spirit Dress S

  • fri. - Allison.Boots

  • Clawtooth: Je t'aime - Salty

  • fri. - Allison.Boots (Regular) - Soot

  • Tabloid . TAPE bag . White . Black chain

  • Pose: Glitterati Model 344

Right Credits:

  • [LG] K Collection Sweetest Thing

  • fri. - Allison.Boots (Regular) - Spats

  • Exile::Falling For You (L)Light Browns

  • (Milk Motion) The cat bag - silver

  • Pose: bez friends 5 Purple Poses

  • Post title stolen from The Hours 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

"let the sun beat down upon my face"

Zuri Rayna's gorgeous Flori Collection is available in various colors such as Grape Sterling, Crimson Gold, Turquoise, Champagne, and Sage. On the left, you'll see the Sage and on the right, you'll see the Champagne.

New Flori

Don't forget to wear your Zuri Rayna Jewelry group tag in order to receive an instant 25% refund! Click here for your ride. Happy shopping day!


  • Zuri Rayna Flori Necklace and Earrings  in Sage

  • Bliss Couture Narissa Dress in Pearl

  • Boon booN SCO052 hair blonde

  • Pose Manifeste Editorial 24


  • Zuri Rayna Flori Necklace and Earrings in Champagne

  • Bliss Couture  Wynn Gown (Mesh)

  • Vanity hair:Uthopia HP-Umber

  • Pose Glitterati Close Up 9

  • Post title from Led Zeppelin Kashmir

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


For those of you who have sisters, do you remember back in the days getting ready for school with your sister close at hand? You swapped makeup or clothes...maybe talked about your latest crush. Regardless of what you talked about, you watched spent quality time with your sis. Yeah...I don't remember those days either. Don't get me wrong, I love my two sisters, but we always fought in the morning ;)

Anyway, Le Poppycock's Gacha panties, over at Acid Lily, reminded me of the female bond. You see...females aren't afraid to be close...unless the other female is a bish. :D


I don't know about you, but I love to play Gacha machines. You can see the variety if you just click here.  Better yet, why not head on over to Acid Lily and play right away? Click here for your ride and happy playing!


Le Poppycock Gacha panties at Acid Lily 

Pose props and all the other decor at the Arcade

Saturday, September 7, 2013

"these are crazy days but they make me shine"

Sometimes, slipping into a gorgeous gown and fine jewelry is like instant Prozac. Zuri Rayna's Frosted Elite Pearls Necklace and Genuine Pearl Elite Earrings are classic staples for ladies who love to be chic.  They're versatile pieces too because with a click of the mouse, you can choose from 11 pearl textures and 3 metals.


When you join the Zuri Rayna Jewelry group in world, you'll get a 25% refund, after your purchase, on the first and second floors when wearing the group tag.

By the way, my lovely gown by Sascha's Design is on special for 60L weekend. Yup. Instant Prozac! Need to shop asap? Click here for your lift to Zuri Rayna Jewelry.  Happy shopping!


  • Jewelry: Zuri Rayna~ Frosted Elite Pearls Necklace and Genuine Pearl Elite Earrings

  • Dress: Sascha's Designs - Palazzio Aqua with Grande Formal Skirt (60L Weekend Deal)

  • Hair: Miamai_Lika Updo_Brown

  • Skin: Glam Affair - Candy - America - 01 D at the Arcade

  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria

  • Pose: Glitterati CloseUp 7

  • Post title from Oasis "All Around the World"

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"and every passing day, she flickers and she fades"

I felt like walking on water today. Although in SL, it doesn't mean I'm a divine being. It just means I went to a really cool sim. The SL Destination Guide asks "What is the definition of music? What is the relationship between music and mind? What is the connection between music and emotions? Search for your answer in Musiclandia." If you're a music lover, make sure to check it out. I needed the appropriate rock and roll attire, and LIV Glam's I Need A Dollar was the perfect edgy ensemble. It's is actually on sale for Secret Wednesday!

LIV Glam Secret Wed

Also, I paired it with even.flow's Ohm Earrings. They're original mesh and available at Acid Lily in Gold, Silver, or Copper for 60L a pop or 150L for all three metals  in one.

Evenflow earrings at Acid Lily

Phonetically, it's a Hindu mantra, so they were perfect to wear during my meditation. Okay. I didn't really meditate, but I was relaxed ;) You can find the earrings at Acid Lily until September 15. Happy shopping!


  • [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] I Need A Dollar

  • even.flow Ohm Earrings "Golden" at Acid Lily 

  • Color.Me.H.O.F Mesh [Rider Boots] at the Arcade

  • -Glam Affair - Candy 10C at the Arcade

  • *GA* Mesh Lashes Mysteria

  • GizzA - Electra Set [Black] Bracelet at the Arcade

  • PP - Meira Mesh Sunglasses Gold

  • TRUTH HAIR Elody - Browns03

  • Tableau Vivant~ Backpack - Black

  • Pose One: Apple Spice walking 001

  • Pose Two: DM Hmmm?

  • Post title: From Big Head Todd's Broken Hearted Savior